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Communications Division

Lt. Carrie L. Schultheiss
Division Commander

BRICS Office
1810 Princeton Rd
Hamilton, OH 45011
(513) 785-1299

Political Subdivision Abbreviations

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Every political subdivision (and some specific agencies and offices) have a two-letter abbreviation used on all talkgroup names, radio aliases and dispatch consoles.

Butler County:

09 AC  Area Courts
09 BC  Butler County (County Government)
09 BCEO Butler County Engineer's Office
09 BCWS Butler County Water and Sewer Department
09 CC  College Corner

09 CP  Common Pleas Court
09 CP-APD Common Pleas Court, Adult Probation Department
09 CP-JDC Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Detention Center
09 CR  Coroner's Office
09 CS  Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
09 DW  Dog Warden
09 EM  Emergency Management Agency
09 FC  Fairfield (City)
09 FT  Fairfield Township
09 HM  Hamilton
09 HT  Hanover Township
09 JB  Jacksonburg
09 LM  Lemon Township
09 LT  Liberty Township
09 MA  Madison Township
09 MD  Middletown
09 MF  Milford Township

09 MN  Monroe
09 MP  Metro Parks
09 MR  Morgan Township
09 MS  Middletown Senior Center (transportation)
09 MU  Miami University
09 MU-PFD Miami University, Physical Facilities Dept.
09 MV  Millville
09 NM  New Miami
09 OT  Oxford Township
09 OX  Oxford (City)
09 PP  Partners in Prime (transportation)
09 PR  Prosecutor's Office
09 RE  Reily Township
09 RO  Ross Township
09 SC  St. Clair Township
09 SO  Sheriff's Office
09 SM  Seven Mile
09 SV  Somerville
09 TA  Regional Transit Authority
09 TR  Trenton
09 WC  West Chester Township
09 WT  Wayne Township

Clermont County:

13 GT    Goshen Township
13 LSFD  Loveland Symmes Fire Department
13 MI    Milford (City)
13 MT    Miami Township
13 SO    Sheriff’s Office

Hamilton County:

31 AN    Anderson Township
31 BA    Blue Ash
31 CH    Cheviot
31 CO    Colerain Township
31 CL    Columbia Township
31 CB    Crosby Township
31 CV    Cleves (Village)
31 DP    Deer Park
31 FP    Forest Park
31 GH    Green Hills (Village)
31 HA    Harrison (City)
31 LL    Lockland (Village)
31 RC    Red Cross
31 SF    Springfield Township
31 SO    Sheriff's Office
31 SV    Sharonville
31 WL    Woodlawn

Montgomery County:

57 RDC   Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center

Preble County:

68 SO    Sheriff's Office

Warren County:

83 CT    Clearcreek Township
83 DT    Deerfield Township
83 FC    Franklin (City)
83 FT    Franklin Township
83 HB    Harveysburg (Village)
83 HM    Hamilton Township
83 HT    Harlan Township
83 LB    Lebanon (City)
83 MA    Mason (City)
83 MO    Morrow (Village)
83 PP    Pleasant Plain (Village)
83 SL    South Lebanon (Village)
83 TC    Turtlecreek Township
83 WCCC  Warren County Communications Center
83 WCT   Warren County Telecommunications
83 WN    Wayne Township

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